Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre color of the benz

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[Chorus: x2]
I wear my air jordan's with my anchor blue jeans
I like to spread my wings when I'm out on the scene
You can break me down on a triple scale beam
The color of the benz same color whip cream
Fly away, cologne fills up your hallway
And I'm a strike it on the I-180 south like all day
I dress sharp like the nation of Islam so I shop like somebody that personally knows God.
Your boyfriend, freak is boo boo to rabbit
He really need to kick that dope habit, it's lookin' tragic.
I get my hair done, I let the curls whip
And then I make a call to see what the girls get.
[Chorus x2]
You want that, man do you like how I flaunt that
Because I knew I'd go to jail or hell if I bought that
Man like a court case caught that
And like a boxer in vegas to box yo I fought that
I like steak and potatoes, ice cream gators
I neva say nothin' yo to none of my neighbors
I do it like parliament, don't get wet
I do it like a gambler, make that bet
I cash that check 'cause the money looks betta
Some like cheese, but I like chedda
Phat farm sweatas, DMC leather and shootin' my mouth off like a beretta
[Chorus x2]
Pretty bartender, can I get another shot of that Heem
She was tall enough to make a ball team
She said she neva met me it was like a pipe dream
I moved through the crowd yo and neva got seen
Then I sat down on a white couch, made it all official
It's poppin like a pistol and a missile
A picnic basket, man call me Yogi Berra
Man Andre Nickatina from the Ronald Reagan era.
[Chorus x2]