Atheist retribution

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Life's retribution, catered to undo
Mistakes you have made with you
These lessons catch up with you
As I lay awake in bed at night
The thoughts of life, pass left and right
They appear on my sensory screen
Adding visuals like I've never seen
Mistakes in route are quite expected
My existing plan is well protected
I light the bulb that soothes my brain
For not to learn is not to gain
Tarnished are the thoughts that have been told
Wise man, give me nothing real to hold
The writings of the past are paper thin
If I seek the truth, I'll look within
Boundaries never hold
They just cater to feelings of self control
In time you'll break through
An abundance of knowledge is there for you
The rise and the fall
Protruding action, the thrill of it all
My fortress when I pass
My retribution, my after class
Sunlight, moonlight
Can you feel the warmth of past lives?
Naked stars that come out at night
To make an effervescent dent in my time
Realize, conceptualize
Prepare yourself for life's retribution