Banda Carnaval el quijote

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I am a pure Spanish breed with a brave heart
People say that about nature
You already know what I'm talking about, no one saw me win
I achieved what someone else couldn't, rating of 100< br/>Make way, gentlemen, the party is going to begin
I feel my blood running hot when I see the others dancing
I want the rodeo so that my only dust will rise
Let it be now my sun with the Carnaval Band
He doesn't learn from the riding school, I'm going to show him
The same Spanish dance is the one who shaved a pashas
The legs as a parapet, calandras, I lift more
For someone else to compare me a lot of time must pass
Educated in high school walls there are no competitions
A good rider takes care of pulling my reins
My age is presence I presume of intelligence
I like fine mares there I leave my offspring