Pepper Sands last night at sea

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So what made you listen up and stop
Running out all the time? were you just
Sick enough of the ride that started to
Die? the captain lost hold of the wheel
But this wasn't part of the deal there's
No stars to look up and see where we
Are lost where we might be was it too
Good to stay and build up the things
That you know? just for the chance you
Run away from the place you call
Home... but captain we've run up on
Ground we're just getting turned around
Water keeps rushing in i don't think that
This time we can win there's no stars to
Look up and see where we are lost
Where we might be strayed off the
Course and lost at sea na na na na na na
But it's you you keep moving away
Keeping the wind in your face rolling in
Waves of blue so why should I go down
With you so why should I go down with
You so why should I go down with you
(take me home)